DeepSaber - A Beat Saber level generator

OxAI has developed an automatic level generator for the BeatSaber VR game.

BeatSaber, released in May 2018, is like a mix of guitar hero and fruit ninja. It presents the player with a stream of approaching blocks in sync with the song’s beats and notes. The player uses VR motion controllers to slash these blocks while avoiding obstacles and bombs. Though very popular on VR platforms, the game itself has a limited choice of playable songs, so hardcore players have resorted to manually adding and annotating custom songs. In this project, OxAI members created an AI (which we call DeepSaber) that automatically generates levels of arbitrary difficulty given any input song. To do so, we investigated and evaluated different level representations and multiple machine learning models.

Here is a glimpse of how DeepSaber (v1) works:

You can find more about the project, in the following blog posts:

DeepSaber - Generating Beat Saber levels using Machine Learning (20 Jul 2019)

DeepSaber2 - Better data and open sourcing the code (24 Sep 2019)